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Inbound Marketing for Construction or Real Estate

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    Author: Johana Duque

    Editor: Santiago Robledo

    In Seiren Digital we had already talked about Inbound Marketing, however, this time we are going to talk about this strategy applied to the construction and real estate industry, an industry in which digital transformation is also a necessity, and in which marketing and sales strategies are increasingly aimed at attracting new customers to new consumer trends.

    The challenge of including suppliers in a list of contacts and positioning themselves in the top ranks of Internet searches, answers to the need to advance in the methodology that, undoubtedly, leads any business to success: Inbound Marketing.

    Marketing for the Construction or Real Estate Industry.

    The buying and selling process is the same for any industry, however, it has a certain difference when it is compared to consumer sales; that is why for each of the objectives a specific marketing strategy must be applied, which manages to give attention to the industry.

    Here are some guidelines.

    • All buyers are looking for specific products/services:

    Precisely in these categories, there are companies dedicated to even more specific activities, what makes the marketing strategy a niche market approach, it is a marketing that is consumer-oriented, as it is mass and does not work for buyers with specific needs.

    • End-users do extensive research before buying:

    As we mentioned before, this happens because these are specific products and services, that is why the companies in the industry make a thorough search before closing a purchase.

    Another factor is related to the purchase volume since the investment of money in the construction and real estate industry is greater and requires a lot of information before making a decision; this must be accompanied by 100% of security and coverage.

    • Buyers want to create trust with the companies they hire:

    As the home buying process is long and involves a large amount of money, customers who are in search of house/apartment, new/used looking for very specific topics like location, space, lighting, among other characteristics; this is why it is necessary to establish a relationship of trust from the first moment for both parties.

    Remember that not everything should be focused on selling, it is also about generating empathy, because the buyer must fell that he/she is in good hands and trust the knowledge of who is accompanying him/her in this process.

    • Be a benchmark in the construction or real estate industry:

    Marketing for the construction industry is a benchmark that helps to gain distinction in a target group, so what is important is to offer quality content, so that they do not only come to you looking to close a business; as there may be many ways to choose before deciding on your offer.

    Customers want to feel that you solve their problems, that you can help them to overcome professional goals, that they are not anonymous or numbers; everything goes beyond that because you can establish a good relationship with them.. 

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    Inbound Marketing for Construction or Real Estate Companies.


    We already talk about digital marketing for the construction or real estate industry, now we will move on to Inbound Marketing, a tool that, through the use of technology, includes an added value for the positioning of content.

    Inbound marketing is a strategy that will allow your customers to find you easier on the Internet, through the knowledge of your brand (products and/or services) and through the valuable content that you deliver to them.

    You must know to stand out from others in the construction and real estate industry to realize your potential and increase sales opportunities.

    What is the Purpose of Inbound Marketing in this Industry?

    The demand in this industry is focused on the technical part, therefore it is necessary to work with a more strategic model; Inbound Marketing is in this pillar to find better ways to relate with customers, gain authority and brand distinction, as well as positioning and sales. . 

    Implementing Inbound marketing for the construction and real estate industry will allow you to:

    •  Amplify your company’s presence in the networks.
    • Position your company in the top of mind of the category to which it belongs, being a reference for its products and brand values.
    • Apply technology to have long-lasting business relationships, based on trust and personalized attention.
    • Maximize the value of each customer, with the idea of creating a bond of loyalty.
    • Measure the behaviour of marketing actions, to evaluate their performance and detect points of strengthening.
    • Generate more leads, which means improving sales and profitability.

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    Before making any decision, as simple as it may seem, the customer investigates and compares on basic topics such as

    • Supplier.
    • Pricing.
    • Brand reputation.

    And it will have many other aspects in mind when it comes to house buying since it is an investment that will take a great part of your time, to improve your quality of life and that of your family..

    That is why a company (construction/real estate) that knows how to capitalize thanks to its presence on the Internet, will get a great visibility and sales opportunities if it starts from how fundamental it turns out to be the purchase and sale of real estate.  

    The website is a letter of introduction that adds value and solves problems. If a website attracts traffic and transforms the digital environment into a growth platform for the business it represents, you will have understood one of the most important missions of Inbound Marketing.

    How to apply Inbound Marketing in this Industry?

    If your search is focused on increasing sales of housing projects, Inbound Marketing is your best option, as companies in the construction or real estate industry are focused on contributing to saving time/resources to deliver results that, in a short time attract potential customers.

    The biggest challenge for this industry is that it has a high level of competition and is affected by external factors, such as political, social, economic, and even health issues such as the recent Covid-19 pandemic. 

    Nowadays, selling and/or renting real estate is a little more complex, however, it can be observed that in the real estate industry the permanent search for a property is still in force, a work that is mostly done online rather than face-to-face, that is why this aspect must be strengthened.

    Benefits of Inbound Marketing for the Construction or Real Estate Industry.

    Inbound Marketing is a methodology based on the creation of content to attract specific users through different formats, but what are the specific benefits?

    • You will increase your prospects.
    • You will turn your sales opportunities into customers.
    • Your customers will buy more
    • Your customers will be promoters of your real estate.
    • You will improve your digital strategy or implement one.

    Cómo captar clientes con Inbound Marketing

    If we talk specifically about the construction or real estate industry, it is essential to know the whole process of each customer, since the acquisition of real estate has changed and there are few companies in this industry that remain afloat with solid business strategies

    In the past, potential customers searched through print media, at trade shows, visited real estate agents and even went from place to place until they found the ideal property. If you are a real estate company and you use any of these tactics: advertising in print media, advertising on websites and search pages, advertising mailings to a certain list of people; you will know that right there is your problem, because you will be the target of indifference from those who could be your potential customers; you will go from being a good choice to a nuisance with your invasive ads that do not make an impact.

    Here are some ways to do it:

    You Must be Easy to Find

    A website is a place where buyers interact from the beginning of the buying process, so adding a blog as part of the Inbound strategy will be key to attract potential qualified leads to your website that provides high-value content.

    Imagine that a person is only looking for “safe places to live in Colombia” and you have built an article in which you precisely talk about the topic and add to it, you have used the right SEO strategies to be well-positioned in Google: no doubt, you will appear as a good option to the interested customer.

    Maybe at the first, he/she will only be attracted to what you can show him/her with your content, but then he/she will want to know a little more about your brand that belongs to the construction or real estate industry and, possibly, will want to close a sale.

    We recommend you design a content strategy based on the problems and needs that are real to the buyer.

    Give your Prospects Confidence.

    In the process of making good articles and valuable content within the blog, it is not just about positioning the brand, because if you know how to do it you will also collect names and emails from interested readers, that would then be prospects to offer your product or service in the construction or real estate industry.

    Now that they are part of a database the can receive more information until the moment they are completely ready to make their purchases since we can feed them until they are ready, as the buyer will see value at each stage of the buying process (funnel) until they get their ideal property.

    With this process, we will be warm. After all, through it we will build a relationship of trust because our purpose is not only to sell but to create a future connection for other requirement or customers who send us those who are already loyal to the brand; that is, by reference.

    Increases Sales Opportunities.

    Once you have identified the interested prospect through our Inbound Marketing strategy for the construction or real estate industry, it will be time for them to interact with our sales team.

    So, let’s get to work!

    If you are part of the real estate world, let us give you the advice you need.

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