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If you win, we win

We care about you as a customer. That’s why before starting a campaign, we talk sincerely about the triumphs we can achieve and the risks we can take, because what interests us most is not that you hire us, but that the objectives are achieved.


At Seiren Digital we are characterized because we really advise you and we will not offer you a product if we know you do not need it. We are not in it to win only for ourselves, we want you to win too.


Do your own thing. While you concentrate on setting goals and achieving the objectives of your project or company, we get you customers through the implementation and optimization of digital marketing tools.

Meet the team

Santiago Robledo

Inbound Strategy
Industrial Engineer with specialization in international business management, with more than 10 years of experience in the formulation, administration and execution of commercial, social and research projects. He has been working in the Digital Marketing area since 2012, having experience with national and international clients. He manages a pragmatic approach to face new challenges and seeks to provide effective solutions to the challenges that arise in his professional work.

Mariangel Morillo

Web Development & SEO
Web designer and seo specialist with 4 years of experience.

The digital world has always been my passion. Seeing, exploring, learning and discovering trends is what motivates me to grow in this industry. I love video games, music, drawing and explore new cities, countries and cultures. I try to be a better person every day.

Daniela Valencia

Graphic Design
Graphic design technician with 8 years of experience in design and creativity, digital marketing, information architecture, prototype design, figma, social media management and others. She is moved by new and different ideas, she always looks for inspiration in the least expected places, she loves meeting new people and sharing spaces that train her as a person and as a professional.

Silvana Molano

Advertising and marketing student with courses in content creation, inbound marketing, copywriting and others. She is an enthusiast of digital marketing and content creation. Its goal is to implement efficient content structures that allow companies to grow exponentially. She likes to travel and explore different cultures to get inspired.

Our Clients

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